Training Camps

The Rio Grappling Club organizes BJJ and Grappling training camps every year. In Europe our Camps happen in August, and in South Africa, in December.

Summer Camp Italy 2014

Davor, Gianluca and Roberto after Drills class. Italy 2014


Which do You prefer? mountains or seaside? In Poland we gather in the Karpacz mountains (Borowice, Poland), always on the first week of August.

In the seashore, our traditional Summer Camp in Italy, running since 2009, is going to happen near the imperial city of Ravenna, in the city of Cesenatico, on the last week of August.

And for the first time in 2016, we will have another camp by the sea side, this time in Cape Town atlantic coast. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in our blue planet, and our trainings are scheduled for mid December.

In our camps we: train a lot of BJJ and Grappling, share knowledge, improve our technique and skills, eat well, chill, meet up with grapplers from different places and cultures, make new friends, and take a week away from the stress or routine of our lives.

Fun and skills improvement are guaranteed.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of club affiliation, age, size, sex, skills or fitness levels.

Italy, Summer Camp 2011.

You can also find more info at our blog Grappling Camps:


or mail us if you have any questions.


Poland 2014



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