Consistency: Embracing the grind
January 22, 2014

We had 52 competitors in ten divisions, most winners had to fight 3 times to get the gold, the atmosphere was cordial and inviting, there were absolute no injuries, no complains about results, and the comp run ahead of schedule. At 3:20 pm we did the medal ceremony ending the tournament.

I’m very happy with the outcome of this competition and looking forward to the next one.

Cheers to everyone that helped doing this a brilliant day.

Special props to James Mc Intyre, Paul Mc Veigh, Guy Ramsal, Dr. Maeve Rodgers, Doug MacMaster, Steve Mainsy, Mark Curry and Cougar for all the work!

And special thanks to our students and friends in Glasgow, Ayr, Kilmarnock and Dunfermline that came forward to compete and support us, to Ricky Young and all the guys from Edinburgh (Including Polish and Russian), both teams from Aberdeen (AMAG and SBG), Bolton lads and the Irishman. This comp would not be the same without you. So hope 2 see everyone around for the II Caledonian BJJ Open in 2008.

Full results:

U66kg White Belt Division
Winner: Colin Smyth (Glasgow)
Runner-Up: Pete Menga (Bolton)

u73kg White Belt Division
Winner: Neil Cushnie (Aberdeen)
Runner-Up: Kevin Rose (Aberdeen)

u81kg White Belt Division
Winner: Graham Cleland (Glasgow)
Runner-Up: Richard Thomson (St Andrews)

u90kg White Belt Division
Winner: Jason Evans (Glasgow)
Runner-up: Cris Gudajc (Aberdeen/Poland)

90kg+ White Belt Division
Winner: Kris Millar (Ayr)
Runner-up: Stephen “Bambam” Peebles (Glasgow)

u66kg Blue Belt Division
Winner: Omar Rashid (Edinburgh)
Runner-up: Neil Barker (Glasgow)

u73kg Blue Belt Division
Winner: Craig Ali (Edinburgh)
Runner-up: Mark Curry (Belfast)

u81kg Blue Belt Division
Winner: Marcin Korbel (Edinburgh/Poland)
Runner-up: Paul Hornsey (Edinburgh)

u90kg Blue Belt Division
Winner: Brian Thomson (Edinburgh)
Runner-up: Antoine Damore (Aberdeen/France)

90kg+ Blue Belt Division
Winner: Stephen “JewBoy” Fitzgerald (Glasgow)
Runner-up: Stuart McKay (Edinburgh)


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