Mariusz gets his second degree

When I officially took over the gym in Wroclaw (Poland) and moved in to teach there, 6 years ago, Mariusz Koziej became the second European and first Polish to be awarded a black belt from my hands. This happened in April, 2008. Last week I returned to Poland for a week of seminars and classes and had the honour of promoting him to his second degree. He became the first black belt in the Rio Grappling Club to get his second degree from my hands. It is a big thing for me as he is one of the most active collaborators of the group and helps me with building the upcoming training programs for beginners and advanced in our team.
He also opened a new gym with high standards so we were able to move out of the rented space from Wrestling Club WKS Slaska where they trained since 2001, but I will post another article this week talking about this and the many changes in Poland since my first visit in 2004. Congratulations to Mariusz and to the Rio Grappling Club to have such an outstanding coach and helpful person like him. I am really happy to keep 90% of the black belts we grade working with us. That means a lot to me and to the future of our team.



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