BJJ is for those who persist!

No, Jiu-Jitsu is not for everyone. It is for anyone that is serious about doing things right, but not for the faint hearted. It is a perfect sport for older people if they understand their limitations and work around them. It is perfect for unfit people if they just commit to improve their atributes at their own pace, it is also perfect for anyone that can be humble enough to take punishment and come back next day. But most people give up and the World is full of people looking for quick fixes and shortcuts. Listen to me, if you do not understand commitment and perseverance, regardless of what people told you, BJJ is not for you.

Selling watered programs of our sport is just a way to make quick money for some instructors, but coaches with integrity know that to be taken seriously, BJJ needs sparring and lots of it, putting yourself out of your comfort zone, accepting defeat and learn to tap before one is able to win. It is about respect and persistence, and we all know that most people will quit in the first months or year. No, BJJ is for all those who are not shy of working hard and again for the rest of their lives, but the rest of you can stay comfy watching the matches on TV.

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