2014 Rio Grappling Camps

The Rio Grappling Club organizes training camps, a great learning and social experience for grapplers each summer, since 2009.

It is a simple concept: We gather experienced and novice grapplers for a week in a special place, where we coach them in a friendly and safe environment, help them improve their technical level and conditioning, while enjoying great food and the fantastic surroundings of the places we choose carefully, spending time together to provide a lifetime experience to our guests.

Our camps are open to everyone, regardless of team affiliation, level or background. Just come with a smile, we gather to enjoy the sport and learn from each other here, not to compete.


Every year we work hard to improve our camps. For 2014 we perfected our drills program implemented since 2012 and added new content to it, keeping pace with modern bjj, without discarding the basics which we are known for.

We decided to move back our VI Rio Grappling Summer Camp Italy to the seashore, where it all started in 2009, with more options for the leisure time than last year. The Camp will have a guest coach but we cannot reveal who is coming just yet…

The III Rio Grappling Camp Poland, already our biggest camp with 84 people attending last year, will remain in Borowice and we will invite more black belts to keep track of so many students. We will have 6 to 8 coaches in every session to make sure all students get the best of their time with us.


The II Camp in Sardinia will aim for white and blue belts, the techical focus is on basics to help develop the sport in the Island. Since most of the guests at this camp last year were the locals, we will focus on their needs, evidently doing our best to ensure that advanced grapplers are not only welcome but will also enjoy the experience fully. The pace will be different here, with 2 daily sessions instead of the usual 3 of our other camps, allowing more time for us to discover the many things that this marvellous place has to offer.


For more info mail us. Please join our events on Facebook. Links provided below:

* July 1st to 6th – II Summer Camp Sardegna – https://www.facebook.com/events/1437925333106670/

* August 4th to 10th – III Summer Camp Poland –  https://www.facebook.com/events/700236103349799/

* August 23rd to 30th – VI Summer Camp Italy – https://www.facebook.com/events/1392692547655184/


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