BJJ during summer in Croatia

Europe is similar to Brazil as we both prefer to train during the year but have a break in summer months. So July and August are tough months in the old continent for those hardcore enthusiasts. Few people in training and lots of heat, but if you truly love bjj you keep going.


This year I decided to travel to Mediterranean countries between our summer camps and teach those who wanted to grapple even in summer. From Italy I arrived in Croatia, and our groups in Dakovo and Split keep their activities and train hard. Morning and evening trainings this and next week in this fabulous country before I head to Bosnia and Greece. Focus is on guard passes and transitions from the top, and for the first time I include some berimbolos in the mix too.

In Dakovo, city in Eastern Croatia (Slavonia) that hosts the Rio Grappling Club Triangle under coordination of Željko Vuković and Davor Pocijak, we will carry on classes until Sunday, and monday we reach Split/Kastela for another week under the Mediterranean sun, for more bjj, grappling and long breaks to also enjoy the beaches. After all, we are only humans 😉



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