Notes from Sardegna


The first Rio Grappling Camp in Sardinia brought together 4 black belts (Bruno Fornari, Roberto Atalla, Marcio Eduardo da Silva and Bernardo Serrini), Italians from the continent, a Finnish and many locals coming from diferent parts of this amazing island.

It was a great experience for all involved, from white to black belts. Great training, pleasant weather and the most beautiful beaches around us, not to mention the variety of local food available to those willing to indulge with local delicacies.  Seafood, pecorino cheese, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, all at an affordable cost in the northwest coast, not far from the expensive Emerald Coast but at a fraction of the cost. The place we stayed is a camping village called Li Nibari, located at Marina di Sorso, allowing people on all budgets to join us on our trainings whether they want to stay in bungallows or tents.

Trainings happened at the Budokan academy in Sorso, courtesy of Master Angelo Sanna, head coach of IRSAM Sardegna and collaborator of the Rio Grappling Club. Facilities include two matted areas with over 100 square meters, sauna, changing rooms and all the convenience one can found in a modern gym: weights, kettleballs, swiss balls, ropes…

Bjj is still a newborn discipline in Sardegna, with only a few people involved in this part of the island and more in the Southeast, but we can see the interest growing and a potential for a huge camp in the next years.

Interested in coming along? We have our bigger camp in Ferrara happening soon in the last week of August, and certainly will return to this gorgeous island in 2014. Our camps are open to everyone regardless of rank or affiliation, weight or sex. If you have a passion for Jiu-Jitsu, good time with new and old friends, sun, sea and food, do come next year!


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