BJJ for newbies: Part IV

IV and last part of the series by Paul McVeigh with useful tips for BJJ beginners.

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10 Things That Will Improve Your Jiu Jitsu

1. Be a fan of the sport.

In the beginning people get hooked on jiu jitsu because it’s fun to do. Unfortunately it does have the potential to be one of the worst spectator sports ever particularly if it’s too early for you to spot the more technical stuff.

A way round this is to head to You Tube and check out the highlight reels of guys like Marcello Garcia, Cobrinha, Rafael Mendes, Jacare and Romulo Barral.

I’d also recommend subscribing to Grapplers Quest’s  you tube channel where the do a great job of uploading the best fights from their events.

Watching fights has a weird osmotic effect with me, if I am doing it a lot my game gets better. You get to see what the best guys are doing on a regular basis more so than…

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