Where to start? Jiu-Jitsu from a newbies perspective. Part 3 of 4

Republishing this amazing series from Paul McVeigh with useful tips for BJJ beginners. Part 3 of 4 here. For the first and second parts just browse our blog or go to his to find the complete articles.

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Now we come to a vital stage in jiu jitsu skill acquistion. We need to bridge the gap between being able to demonstarte the mechanics of a technique and being able to utilse that technique against a resisting opponent.

The top guys in your gym probably do this quite naturally. They can see a technique do it a few times then nail people with it.

For those of you just starting out or not as talented
(don’t worry most talented people tend to quit when things get hard. Talent is overrated, hard work will always triumph), we need a little help.

This help comes in the form of isolated drilling. This involves breaking a technique down into it’s constituent parts and applying it against a progressively resisting opponent.

Let’s take an overhook triangle as an example. To utilise this technique we need to achieve our grips, execute the technique and…

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