Jiu Jitsu perspective for newbies

First time I reblog, so not sure how it works. This is the first part of a very clever article written by Paul McVeigh.

Paul is a black belt in BJJ, a very talented MMA fighter and coach and an expert in physical preparation and conditioning for martial artists. He lives in Glasgow and teaches at the Griphouse, the best MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai gym in Scotland.

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As a  coach it is often easy to forget just how complicated a sport Jiu Jitsu is to learn. There are 6 basic positions and an endless list of techniques and strategies that can be utilised. With so many variations and options no wonder peoples brains get fried

I wake up everyday thanking the little baby Jesus/Buddha/whatever deity floats my readers boat, that the UFC got popular and I do not have to have this conversation:

Me: So this is Guard what I want you to do is wrap your legs round this guys hips and…..

Newbie: Hold on a minute, why the hell would I want to do that.

Me: Well If you dont, he can get past your legs and hips and beat the crap out of you and lets not forgot all those points you will be giving up. Plus from here you can actually win the…

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