World Grappling Championships


November, 17th and 18th was the set date for the World Grappling Championships run by FILA in Krakow, after problems that made the comp being postponed and transfered from Russia to Poland at the last minute. The tournament is far from being a huge comp like the BJJ Worlds in California, but the level is grwoing each year and it is a pity that there are no Brazilians taking part, since the medal possibilities are big for our talented grapplers.

Biggest name present was Jeff Monson, who won his fourth gold at this comp. Rio Grappling Club was present too, with two athletes in the Italian team, Andrea Lavaggi and Martina Baraccani, supported by head coach Bernardo Serrini. Martina took a bronze home, and Andrea, plagued by injuries, could not fight his best but earned international experience that will prove him valuable in the future.

From Greece came Hermes Dimitropoulos, who won 3 matches and conquered his second gold at this comp. His name comes from the Greek God of Speed, and fast he was in each of his fights that you can watch right here:


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