2012 was a great year for our team. We have consolidated even more our presence in Italy, Poland and South Africa, placing athletes in major events, expanding the group and opening new branches. Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia were visited by our leadership, and new links officially established us in Greece, Scotland and Romania. Developments were made also in Portugal, Brazil and France, with more collaboration and coaches attending the Summer Camps.

We are gathering like minded people all across Europe and beyond, to provide Grappling and BJJ schools that strive for quality, respect individuals and value the young and the old, athletes and beginners, men and women from diverse background who want to live healthier and more confident.

We are also looking into expanding our group into other countries, notably in Europe where we can pride ourselves of winning medals in BJJ and Grappling tournaments everywhere. From Lisbon to London and Krakow, our competitors participated and won big, drawing attention to the Rio Grappling Club.

In 2013 we hope to achieve even more, and you can be part of it too. If you are an independent instructor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and/or Grappling, ranked purple or brown or in an equivalent level, your school has a friendly environment and some of your students love competing, you may join us too, provided you are willing to collaborate towards the same goals we share.

We are particularly looking for driven individuals and groups based in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Spain, Ukraine, Slovakia, Ireland, Iceland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary and France, although if you live in countries not mentioned, plase contact our leadership to find out how.

In countries where the Rio Grappling Club is already present, we are considering only applications after careful approval from the country leadership, so if you live in Italy, you must first talk to Bernardo Serrini, if you live in Poland, Mariusz Koziej will inform you on how to proceed, and so on. In any case, emails and comments are encouraged and will be replied or forwarded to the responsible. Serious people please, if you teach inside your garage to your 4 friends, you need to do your homework first.


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