South Africa and Namibia

Keeping pace with the growth of BJJ and Grappling in Southern Africa, I will travel soon to the Republics of South Africa and Namibia to teach the local Rio Grappling Clubs. The tour includes Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Windhoek. My hosts will soon release details on times of the seminars and classes at their gyms and is worth checking our facebook page to find out the times and places I will teach.

If you live in Gauteng Province, make sure to attend the big seminar on 5th of May where my black belts Wiekus Swart and Bobby Karaggianidis will receive their first degree at Wiekus’new gym. Seminar will have 2 hours of No Gi Grappling and one hour BJJ, gradings and open mat. Graduation is only for RGC members put forward by their instructors, but the seminar is open to everyone with at least 3 months of Grappling experience.

I will teach privates and group classes most days from 24th to 28th at the RGC Tap Out (Wiekus Swart), moving to Randpark Ridge (Bobby Karaggianidis’ B & J MMA gym) where I will coach until the 4th of May.

From 6th of May I will split my time between the gyms in Spring and Pretoria where my students Jurgen Putter and Francois Groenenvald give classes. Then I fly to Porth Elizabeth on the 14th of May to teach at Jan-Hendryk Coetsee’s RGC PE for a week, before going to Cape Town where I will be available from the 22nd to 31st of May at Rico Hattingh’s school and at his friends. From 1st of June I will teach Steven Lochner and his group in Windhoek, Namibia for the first time ever. I will then return to Jo’burg to teach Sergio de Freitas and his students before heading back to Brasil.

To book a private or join the group classes, please contact the hosts or email me @ to find out more.


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