Instructional videos

BJJ has experienced a boom in recent years all over the World and many times I hear from grapplers that came from Judo or Wrestling background moving to BJJ and No Gi Grappling. Many of them do so because they desire to fight in the UFC and other MMA shows, while others are pure grapplers, and many suffer from lack of access to a good coach or live too far from good schools to learn directly from more experienced grapplers.

Very often they rely on YouTube videos to learn positions, which can be a good thing if they know who to learn from. Unfortunately for many beginners is hard to tell a good position from a bad one, with so many people posting crap everyday. A few good coaches actually release a position once a month or once a week, with some others doing it less often, and I will keep an eye on them so I can help my students to separate the good from the not so good and the bad, a difficult task for people without a solid knowledge.

So I decided to watch a few YouTube videos every week and select useful ones to share with the page and group we have on the Facebook. Some of the best ones will be shared in our blog too.

Not enough? I agree and I realized that we need to put out some instructional videos ourselves. The first concept involving instructional videos is the Rio Grappling Club invites. In this project I will simply gather friends of mine, black belts from my team or not, and film them showing techniques. I will not ask specific positions, rather leaving them free to decide what to show, with me translating the steps to English when necessary. Many experienced black belts that live in Brasil and train for many years but do not compete anymore and are not known outside Rio are collaborating and in time we will have a lot of videos coming out regularly. With the collaboration of Max de Michelis, a purple belt from RGC in Italy that edits the videos, the thing took off already and we already have two videos that you can watch below.

I cannot promise much quality on the images and sound, as I am new to film and translate at the same time and the gear is not top quality, so expect amateur videos until we get hands-on experience doing this. Also please do not request particular moves or coaches at this time. Also notice that videos will never replace the need for a good coach and a good group to train in. If you have a chance to train in a top school daily, regularly or even once, go for it!



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