RGC does very well at No Gi comp in Poland

Last Saturday, 25th of February, our team competed in a No Gi tournament in the city of Dzierzoniow, Poland. Please do not ask me how to pronounce the name of this city as I am not sure. It does not matter though, what matters is that we came back with more medals than any other group: 9 golds, 6 silvers and 13 bronze medals. Check the list below with the names of our grapplers!

RGC Results


3. Grzegorz Świstek RGC Jelenia Góra

3. Adrian Majewski RGC Oława

1. Bartosz Boduszek RGC Lubliniec
2. Dominik Biarda RGC Jelenia Góra
3. Łukasz Zając RGC Jelenia Góra

1. Miłosz Trzaska RGC Jelenia Góra

White Belts

1. Tomasz Śpiewak RGC

2. Bartłomiej Gurazda RGC Jelenia Góra
3. Wojciech Suchecki RGC Oława
3. Michał Kruk RGC Wrocław

1. Artur Osmyk RGC Wrocław
3. Dawid Wojsznarowicz RGC Legnica
3. Przemysław Seredyszyn RGC Legnica

1. Krystian Celmer RGC Oława

Blue Belts

2. Marcin Ciszek RGC Częstochowa

3. Łukasz Pakulak RGC Animmals

2. Robert Balicki RGC Wrocław
3. Łukasz Dźbik RGC Wrocław

1. Grzegorz Kaszuba RGC Wrocław
3. Mateusz Królikiewicz RGC Wrocław
3. Michał Gryglicki Boi Team Wrocław

2. Kamil Zgondek RGC Legnica

Purple Belts

1. Wiktor Siekierka RGC Wrocław
3. Daniel Krakowiak RGC Wrocław

1. Piotr Karnicki RGC Wrocław
2. Michał Organiściak RGC Wrocław

1. Jakub Boczek RGC Wrocław

3. Bartosz Bibrowicz RGC Legnica

Congratulations to all medalists and to those who did not place but entered the tournament. RGC rulez!


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