Back from the European BJJ Championships 2012

RGC was well represented in Lisbon this January with athletes from Italy and Croatia. As a team we won the First Place in the Juveniles (under 18 years old) division, thanks to the awesome students we have in Dakovo, Croatia.

Leaded by Zeljko Vukovic (RGC Croatia Head Coach), our youngsters improved their second place in 2011 when we had 2 competitors, and raised the biggest trophy this time, leaving Renzo Gracie Israel and Gracie Barra behind us.

Also a good performance from our Italian girls that scored three medals in the competition. We must work harder and bring a bigger team in 2013 to have better chances in other divisions, but our small group is up to the challenge. Nobody said it would be easy to get there, but we will keep trying and aiming higher each and every year.

Full results of our athletes below:



2- Gracie Barra – 36 pts
3- Renzo Gracie – 36 pts


White Belt Fem.

Gold – Martina Baraccani – Middle
Bronze – Caterina Katia Bettin Bettin – Medium Heavy

Blue Belt Fem.

Silver – Daniela Franco – Light

Juveniles 1 Blue Belt

Silver – Hrvoje Cicvarić – Light Feather
Silver – David Zovko – Midlle
Silver – David Zovko – Open Weight

Juveniles 2 Blue Belt

Gold – Tomislav Bunoza – Feather
Gold – Denny Vuković – Heavy
Silver – Denny Vukovic – Open

Juveniles 2 Blue Belt Fem.

Gold – Iva Mihalj – Open Weight
Silver – Iva Mihalj – Middle Heavy

Blue Belt Senior 1

Bronze – Domenico Vestito Mimmo – Light

Brown Belt Master

Bronze – Matteo Calamandrei – Super Heavy


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