Rio Grappling Club arrives in Athens

Our group is expanding due to the hard work we put on, and now the Rio Grappling Club receives a new affiliated school in Athens, Greece.

The cradle of western civilization, where democracy and philosophy were born, has now a school under the RGC, coached by Hermes Dimitropoulos, an experienced grappler and black belt in Judo with many good results in Grappling, Judo and BJJ comps in Greece and Europe. We welcome him and his students and hope that in the future that will bring synergy with the groups we have in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Soon they will adopt our name and logo. In the cards is a visit from me or Mariusz Koziej to Greece to have a chance to know better our students and show them our way of training bjj.

Other countries may receive RGC schools in 2012, and more clubs adopting our method and philosophy, but will not say much until all is confirmed.

On a side note, our only instructor in France (Basque Country), Joao Batista “Pastel” dos Santos, moved back to London where he will teach Capoeira and BJJ. Mestre Pastel helped me to establish in London back in 2003 and trained with me since then, proving his loyalty even when training in many different places while I wasn’t available. I wish him best luck on his relocation and am looking forward to see him again after the European summer.


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