Which gallery?

The 2 posts below have two different photo galleries, with pretty much the same pictures on them, so I ask our readers to tell us which one is better to view: The one on top published by Windows Live Writer which hosts the photos at the SkyDrive, or the simpler one provided by WordPress under the Title “Seminar in Dubai – Gallery”?

Please let us know by commenting here as the Gallery Style favoured by the readers will be the one chosen for future photos.


2 responses to “Which gallery?

  1. 2 popular websites for photo sharing are Picasa form Google and Flickr form Yahoo. The first is free and comes with very nice and free photo editing program. Unfortunately it is slow. The latter is both free and paid. It is supported by most of photo editing applications. It is fast and you can easily link the pictures to another website. You can create slideshows as well.


    • Thanks for the tips, but the reason I am inclined to choose between the two options I stated in my post is that first is built-in in the WordPress and the microsoft one integrates with the windows live writer to the blog, which allows me to post the gallery to the blog seamlessly, so I need to stick to either one.


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