III RGC Summer Camp

From 13th to 21st of August, 2011, we will hold our third summer camp, to happen in Italy, close to the city of Ferrara. After two successful camps in the previous years and the great experience of our winter camp last February in Poland, we have put together a program to benefit our students progress in the 8 days of training, providing them an unique opportunity not only to train and spend time together, but we also put the right tools to make them advance technically more than they would in two or three months of regular trainings.

Focused drills, technique and specific sparring are organised in a way that will maximise the progress of beginners and advanced students alike. Half of the available places have been filled already and the success of our camp can be attested by the fact that most of the attendees of the first and second years are coming again.

And besides the great training, the location is just perfect. The hotel between two lakes in the italian countryside is far from the cities and conveniently close enough to the coast for those who want to skip the lakes and head to the beach. Italian classic dishes are served in the meals, making our camp an unofrgettable experience.

Head to our facebook event page to learn more! There you will find more detailed info and link to the hotel Due Laghi.

Facebook event page


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