Carlson Gracie Jr. in Poland

This weekend we had the privilege of hosting Master Carlson Gracie Junior in Wroclaw. The seminar he taught to over 60 people, was a proof to me that not only the young guys competing keep updated about the last developments of the gentle art. Old school guys that keep the mind open are constantly improving, and Carlson surprised us with variations on a new sweep that he developed last year. Simple stuff but new, and very effective.

Apart from that, he also showed us simple tricks to beat guard players and variations on a very traditional guard pass. I spoke to my students and they were all happy with the content and also the personality of Carlson Gracie Junior, a humble and funny person, always open to the students and pleasant to be around.

This was his first seminar in Poland, and we are proud to announce that soon enough he will visit our schools in Italy and return to Poland and East Europe in September for more classes, this time with a stop in Prague too.

Group Picture

Group Picture of the seminar, 06.02.2011


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