Carlson Gracie Jr. visits Poland

February will be a busy month for BJJ in Poland. We will have Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials 5-Star in Warsaw on the 12th, our first ever RGC Winter Camp from 13th to 19th, and now we have confirmed a seminar in Wroclaw with Carlson Gracie Junior on Sunday, 6th.

Son of the greatest BJJ master of all times, Carlson Jr. is a great coach and very humble like his father. Teaching out of Chicago, biggest polish city in America, he for sure knows a bit about the commitment of Poles to the gentle art. We talked a bit last year when he was doing seminars in Europe, and we agreed on a day class with him after he helps his student in the Europeans that happen in Portugal. If attendance is good, hopefully he will return each year, so lets support the growth of BJJ in Poland, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Carlson will be from Saturday to Tuesday in Wroclaw so he will have a chance to see a bit of this historic city. Do not miss the chance to train with the son of a legend, and a great coach himself, for the first time ever in Poland. Limited places for non RGC Members. Everyone is welcome, but reservations must be done until Thursday 3rd of February.

Here a link to the event on Facebook:


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