Mauro in Wroclaw

This December we had the pleasure of hosting Mauro Chueng for a week in our main gym in Wroclaw, Poland. Teaching classes for the week, he showed us great stuff for No Gi training, and in Saturday we had a record number of 68 people together in the mats for our annual seminar and gradings.

Three hours of pure BJJ technique, simple yet advanced stuff to improve our guard games given to us by Mauro, who was struggling with a knee injury but pushed himself hard to deliver a great class. In the end of the class we graded Wiktor Zudrak, Adam Bierut and Krzysiek Golaszewski to brown belt, Piotr Karnicki, Rafal Zawidzki and Wojtek Golaszewski to purple, as well as 17 new blue belts from our affiliates as well as from Wroclaw.

We received loads of positive comments from Mauro’s class and we are committed to bring him back to Poland as soon as conditions allow us. Now it is time to start preparing for a great 2011. See you on the mats!

Group picture

Mauro and the crew


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