RGC Annual Gradings and Seminar 2010

Since 2008, we started to bring special guests in December to our Wroclaw headquarters, to help improve our technical level and make a big ceremony where we promote our students in the same event.

Our first guest was Marcos Flexa, head coach of Carlson Gracie Holland, in 2009 it was Marco Chuck that came and stayed for 2 months helping the classes and now the Rio Grappling Club is honoured to have Mauro Chueng for a full week teaching in Poland for the first time.

Mauro Chueng is our coach in Albufeira, Portugal, and one of the most technical guys I have personally trained with. I am pleased that he is able to skip his work commitments for a week and teach in Wroclaw from the 6th of December, Monday. All classes during the week will be without Gi, but the Gi is mandatory for the seminar.

The seminar will be on the Saturday, 11th of December, and will start at 1:00 pm. We will drill techniques for 3 hours, do our gradings and follow with the traditional “polish corridor baptism”. After that, some of us will move to a nice restaurant to celebrate a great year and wishes of a even better 2011.

This year we have our friends from Jungle BJJ in Czech Republic joining us, so expect some black belts helping everyone with the techniques, including Mariusz Koziej, Fernando Araujo, Roberto Atalla (me) and hopefully Bernardo Serrini will be able to travel all the way from Italy too.

The seminar is open to outsiders, although new belts will only be given to members of our association. Reservation is mandatory as we have limited places. For more info please mail us at: robertoatalla@gmail.com

RGC Portugal


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