Our results in Lisbon

The European BJJ Open is a competition that is growing each year, and in 2010 more than 1450 competitors disputed the medals in Lisbon. Our team had 9 Italians and 1 Polish participating, a small number due to the distance and costs related to fly to Portugal, but again we had a good performance.

Valerio Ubaldini

Valerio Ubaldini took the gold medal in the blue belt juveniles (under 18 years old) until 70 kgs. Matteo Calamandrei took bronze in the brown belt adult under 100 kgs and the others did not take medals, but from what I have heard (since I did not go there) the experience acquired by all of the guys was worth the effort, considering that many were awarded belts last December and were competing for the first time in their new colours.

A special mention goes to Matteo Menna. Competing in the purple belt featherweight, he choked his first opponent, armbarred the second, and lost on his third match by one point to the champion of the division. The Rio Grappling Club thanks them and all our students that made the effort to travel to Lisbon and represented our colours with honour and dignity.

Matteo Menna


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