RGC Gradings

The festive season has arrived, and with it came the annual grading of the Rio Grappling Club.

First we had a small event in South Africa, due to the African Trials that happened one day before. We skipped the seminar and on the 6th of December, we moved to the purple belt Walter Wendt, Steven Brasg, Stuart Rider, Brett Evans, Jurgen Putter and Dino Bertollis. Jessica Hill and Danella Eliasov received the blue belt after their amazing wins at the African Trials. Everyone was exhausted after the long day spent on the comp on the day before, so we took a group picture and took the rest of the day off.

This week we received Marco Chuck, my friend and black belt from Brasil. Being my first student black belt, he was the perfect guest to the II Annual RGC Wroclaw Seminar and Gradings. He run a seminar on advanced half and quarter guard reversals, and after three hours of practicing techniques, we granted the belts to our local students and affiliated schools.

From Wroclaw, Tomek Drozdzik and Rafal Iwaszczyszyn received brown belts and Daniel Krakowiak was given his purple. Roman Rutkowski and Jacek Guziewicz, RGC instructors from Silesia (province in Southern Poland), took brown and purple, respectively, and we had the visit of Nenad Latincic, head coach of Serbian Shooto and MMA team Spot Desfan in Belgrade, who also was awarded the brown belt.

Nine students from Wroclaw and Dabrowa Gornicza moved to the blue belt, and after the gradings and the “traditional” ceremony of whipping them using the belts, we all went to Wroclaw’s only brazilian restaurant to celebrate.

Next Sunday I will be in Florence conducting the last seminar and grading of 2009, and a big surprise is on the works for some 😉

Below a few photos. More can be seen at our facebook group. Join us there to check out pictures, videos, events and updates!






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