BJJ Polish Nationals 2009

P1110904 Already running for five years uninterrupted, the Polish Nationals happen in different places, always in November. This year it was Kozmin Wp. the town chosen. There was sensible improvement from last years competition. This time medals were specially made, I was impressed with the quality. The comp had two days so the times were respected, but occasionally they did not manage to use well the four areas, making some competitors wait too long between fights.

Refereeing is a big problem everywhere, and in Poland it is not different.  Many mistakes and lack of information of common procedures by referees happened all the time. I did see refs making mistakes, but I did not see refs cheating or erring on purpose, so a bit of training and better understanding on rules can do a big difference for next year.

The level of BJJ in Poland has been improving fast, and now we see many talented brown belts, specially in the light weight division where all the four finalists could win european comps at any time. Piotr Bagi (Berserkers), as always, fought everything, winning the absolute on Saturday and returned Sunday. Suffering a leg contusion on the finals, he still swept his opponent but fell short of one advantage to win the match.

The Heavyweight Elite Division (Brown and Black belts, over 88 kgs), was completely dominated by our grappler Mariusz Koziej. He simply overcame all his three opponents, establishing side or knee control, choking them all with variations of the same technique, as can be seen on the videos below. One can notice that he uses leverage and technique on all matches, demonstrating technique rather than power, with so much control that his opponents simply cannot react.

Mariusz was awarded the trophy of best fighter of the tournament, honouring our club with this brilliant achievement and demonstration of his potential. The Rio Grappling Club is proud to have him colaborating so much to the growth and improvement of our students, and his victory will give us extra motivation to next year competitions. Yes We Can!




One response to “BJJ Polish Nationals 2009

  1. I must say Mariusz fought really good fights. He was in control all the time and I must say the technical gap between him and his opponents was big.
    Good stuff. COngratulations!!

    I wish I could go, but I’ve a lot of work and don’t even have time for my own training 😦


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