Results from II RGC Meeting

Our second meeting in Wroclaw gathered 45 athletes from Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
Thanks to the presence of RGC clubs from Wrocław, Dąbrowa Górnicza & Zielona Góra, and friends from Jungle Czech Republic, Pitbull Slovakia, Oktagon Rybnik, Drysdale Kielce, Sqra Gold Team, Lutadores Opole, Head Hunters Jelenia Góra and Częstochowa, the competition happened without incidents in a nice atmosphere, appropriate for the meeting, conceived to be a training ground for our students and preparation for big tournaments.

Special thanks to Mariusz Koziej, Walmaro Medeiros, Fernando Araujo and Wiktor Siekierka that so much contributed to the event.

Soon we will add photos here. Check the complete results below!

White Belts

-66 kgs:
1. Norbert Warchol – Sqra Gold Team
2. Kamil Ciepulis – RGC Dąbrowa
3. Marcin Ciszek – Częstochowa

-73 kgs:
1. Marcel Robert – Oktagon Rybnik
2. Bartosz Niebylski – RGC Dąbrowa
3. Petr Kupčík – Jungle Czech

-81 kgs:
1. Jarek Kochanowicz – RGC Wrocław
2. Paweł Tomalik – Lutadores Opole
3. Łukasz Dąbkowski – RGC Zielona Góra

-90 kgs:
1. Ivor Hedgehog – Jungle Czech Rep.
2. Paweł Jastrzębski – Lutadores Opole
3. Kamil Zgondek – RGC Wrocław

+90 kgs:
1. Sebastian Kapusta – RGC Dąbrowa
2. Tomasz Zakiewicz – Head Hunter Jelenia Góra
3. Krzysztof Grela – RGC Zielona Góra

Blue Belts

-73 kgs:
1. Daniel Krakowiak – RGC Wrocław
2. Krszysztof Flak – RGC Dąbrowa
3. Wiktor Siekierka – RGC Wrocław

-81 kgs:
1. Martin Krenek – Jungle Czech Rep.
2. Andrej Spike – Jungle Czech Rep.
3. Kamil Tarnowski – Drysdale Kielce

-90 kgs:
1. Łukasz Zawada – RGC Wrocław
2. Roman Cedik – Jungle Czech Rep.
3. Łukasz Jabłonski – RGC Dąbrowa

+90 kgs:
1. Jon Tkach – Jungle Czech Rep.
2. Filip Kopij – RGC Wrocław
3. Lukas Holub – Jungle Czech Rep.


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