Worldwide Trials


The World Trials to Abu Dhabi BJJ Pro World Cup 2010 have defined most dates, with the first tournament happening in Australia and the last ones in Japan and Belgium. Europe, Brasil and North America will have more than one trial.

Check all the dates below:

Australia – 15th of November, 2009

New Zealand – 21th of November, 2009

South Africa – 5th of December, 2009

England – 12th of December, 2009

Brasil Rio – 17th of January, 2010 (TBC)

USA East – 31st of January, 2010

USA West – 13th of February, 2010 (TBC)

Canada – 06th of March, 2010

Brasil South – 14th of March, 2010 (TBC)

Belgium – 20th of March, 2010

Japan – 20th of March, 2010

Finals in Abu Dhabi – 15th, 16th and 17th of April, 2010

(TBC) – event will happen, dates to be confirmed.


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