ADCC 2009 Barcelona – Open Weight

The most important division was the last one to be held yesterday in Barcelona, confronting some of the best grapplers in the World for a prize of Us$ 40,000.00.

After winning their respective weights, Braulio Estima and Xande Ribeiro advanced to the finals, beating difficult opponents. Braulio defeated Marcelo Garcia and Vinicius Magalhaes, while Xande won Andre Galvao and Gunnar Nelson. The final match promised to be a battle to the end, but a shoulder injury forced Xande to give up.

Braulio Estima is the Absolute Champion of ADCC Barcelona 2009, a just reward for a fighting career that took him from Pernambuco, northeast of Brazil, to Birmingham, England, where he lives and teaches. This blog congratulates him and hopes that Braulio keeps fighting BJJ and Grappling, without leaving for MMA and its big money.

Absolute Results:
1. Braulio Estima – BRASIL
2. Xande Ribeiro – BRASIL
3. Vinicius Magalhaes – BRASIL
4. Gunnar Nelson – ICELAND


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