ADCC 2009 Barcelona – results

The most prestigious Grappling Tournament in the World, the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships is still happening in Barcelona, with the Male and Female Open Divisions scheduled to start soon. Here the results of the weight divisions:


1. Rafael Mendes
2. Rubens Cobrinha
3. Ryan Hall


1. Pablo Popovitch
2. Marcelo Garcia
3. Gregor Gracie


1. Braulio Estima
2. Andre Galvao
3. David Avellan


1. Xande Ribeiro
2. Gerard Rinaldi
3. Vinicius Magalhaes


1. Fabricio Werdum
2. Roberto Cyborg
3. Jeff Monson

Jacare won against Robert Drysdale

Women’s -60kgs:

1. Luanna Alzuguir
2. Sayaka Shioda
3. Hillary Williams

Women’s +60kgs:

1. Hannette Staak
2. Penny Thomas
3. Cris Cyborg

Once again brazilian grapplers dominated the event, winning all weight divisions and the superfight. As soon as the Open Weight divisions end, we will publish their results.


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