II RGC Wroclaw BJJ Meeting

Fellow Grapplers:

This is an announcement of the II RGC Wroclaw BJJ Meeting.

This tournament will be held in our gym in Wroclaw, on the Saturday, 17th of October. It will be limited to a maximum of 120 participants.

This is a meeting, not an official tournament, it will be open for invited groups and all Rio Grappling Clubs, allowing us to prepare better for bigger tournaments.

Clubs interested in participate, please contact us in advance informing the approximate number of competitors.

The comp will be run in our gym, there are two official wrestling matted areas, but not much space available to public, so we are not encouraging spectators.

Entries are limited and we will have only a few divisions like on our first meeting. Remember that this will be a friendly comp, so the idea is to gain experience and prepare for bigger ones.


Saturday, 17th of October, 2009

11:00 Doors open and Weigh in

12:00 Start of the White Belt matches

15:00 Start of the Blue Belt matches

17:00 Start of the Senior (35 years old and+)

19:00 Medals Ceremony and End of the Meeting

The weigh in ends at 12:00.

Anyone that does not show up to weigh in or is above the permitted weight will be eliminated. The maximum allowance is 300 grams. Athletes weigh in WITHOUT GI! Seniors are athletes born in 1974 or older.


• Masters (white and blue belts together) > – 73kgs, +73kgs
• Adults White Belt> -66k, -73k, -81k, -90k, +90k
• Adults Blue Belt> -66k, -73k, -81k, -90k, +90k


• White and blue belts together > -73kg
Beginners are welcome but are advised to have at least 3 months of regular training to compete safely. All athletes have to sign a waiver form to compete.

Prizes: medals for the 4 semi finalists.

How to enter: send an email before 12th of October by mail to bjjwroclaw@gmail.com telling us full name, division of each competitor

Deadline: No entry forms will be accepted after 12th of October. However, if we reach 120 entries we will not accept any more entries.

Strictly no entries or changes in the day. Payment must be made prior to the weigh in.

Prices: 40 PLN, 10 Euro or 250 Czech Crowns


BJJ Official rules, without advantage scoring.

Fair Play and Discipline will be enforced throughout the tournament. Only the staff and athletes called for their fights will be allowed in the inner area.

Time limit:

• All divisions: 6 min. fights.

The tournament is disputed in single elimination brackets, being the 3rd places those who lost to the finalists in the semi-finals.

A submission ends the fight, and is the clearest way to show the dominance. Other than that, a fighter can win his bout by disqualification or unconsciousness of his opponent (in this case, if the unconsciousness is due to a valid move as a choke or throw), points or aggressiveness.

Techniques allowed for all divisions: take downs, pins, sweeps, guard passes and all grappling moves applied with control. Submissions to wrists, shoulders, elbows and straight foot locks, and chokes;

Submissions NOT allowed: neck cranks, heel hooks, toe holds and knee bars, finger twists, biceps or calf compressions.


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