First impressions on the I RGC Meeting

Wroclaw, the meeting place. And yesterday as time for our first meeting cup, an idea to integrate the RGC schools in the region and make a small competition, also open to invited clubs.

The tournament had 65 entries in the white and blue belts, and a superfight between purples. The clubs RGC Gliwice, Zawiercie, Dabrowa and Wroclaw were presents, as well as Lutadores Opole, BJJ Jelenia Góra, BJJ Zielona Góra, SQRA Gold Team, Boi Team Wroclaw and Jungle BJJ Praga. Jungle is the first BJJ school from Czech Republic, coached by my friend Fernando Araújo, a black belt from Rio de Janeiro living in Prague. His students won two divisions in the blue belt and one in the white, with others showing good skills and already some competition experience.

The overall level of the tournament was good, notably among the blue belts, and I was happy that most students from Wroclaw, experiencing a competition for the first time, displayed heart and skills. With more training and more experience, they shall do well in future comps. The best performance from our guys came from Lukasz Zawada, Lukasz Dzybk, Artur Kuzera and Szymon Wolny. Guys from Silesia did well too, with a special mention to all the team that came from RGC Gliwice, there is a lot of potential there. Outstanding was the heart of Patrik Horbatiuk from Zawiercie, that took 2 very tight armbars, impressively escaped from both, passing the guard and controlling his experienced opponent (a judoist) to win the finals over 90kgs (he weighs 80!).

The decision to not have advantages was a good one, the matches have stalled a lot less, and twice we called overtimes to decide the winner, so in the end we always had clear decisions, without any complaints throughout the competition. Mariusz did a good job refereeing, and at 4pm we finished the meeting, giving medals, certificates and t-shirts to the winners.

I am still tired but it was worth it every minute. I will bring full results tomorrow.


One response to “First impressions on the I RGC Meeting

  1. I wish I could go. Unfortunately i had an important meeting scheduled for Saturday night, so I’ll do my best next time.
    All the best 🙂


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