The First Rio Grappling Cup!

Livorno, where the Rio Grappling Club started in Italy 5 years ago, hosted the first Grappling Cup organised by our association yesterday, Sunday 17th of May.

Teaming up with the Italian Federation of Grappling, we offered 500 Euro in cash, divided by the 5 winners of the Class A. Official matted areas, electronic scoreboards and referees were sent by the FIGR/FIJLKAM, and we took care of setting up everything and let the fighters do the show. About 80 grapplers from all over Italy came to the comp.

We adopted the official FILA rules. Although not without flaws, those rules are a lot better than the ones used in ADCC Sub Wrestling tournaments. This, far from being only my voice, was what I heard from many competitors, including Luca Anacoreta from Rome, one of the best italian grapplers and winner yesterday (under 74kg class A).

Our team, stronger than ever in Italy, did well winning or qualifying in most divisions, with amazing performances by Matteo Menna, Simone Baldi and Erik Tornaboni among others. I decided to compete at the last minute as there were no one from our team under 84kgs.

Even weighing around 79kgs, I took the chance of fighting without training specifically for it or preparing psichologically, and thankfully managed to overcome my 2 opponents, winning both matches by submission. After two years and a half without competing, I was pleased to return to the mats, although I felt the rust and did not perform as well as I wanted, but in the end what matters is to win without doubts. My first match was ended with a rear naked choke and the finals with an armbar. Soon I will upload videos and a slideshow of the tournament.

Class A results:

Under 66kgs
1. Matteo Menna – RGC Ferrara
2. Thier Tavares – Ass. Aranha
3. Mattia Macchelli – RGC Firenze

Under 74 kgs:
1. Luca Anacoreta – Rogerio Olegario
2. Ciro Ruotolo – Nova Invicta
3. Andrea Lavaggi – RGC Sestri Levante

Under 84kgs:
1. Roberto Atalla – RGC
2. Tommaso Pispico – GB Italy
3. Daniel Gianpaolo – GB Italy

Under 96kgs:
1. Erik Tornaboni – RGC La Spezzia
2. Gianluca Palombi – A.S Pegaso Ladispoli
3. Sela Sokol – IC Perugia

Under 120kgs:
1. Matteo Calamandrei – RGC Firenze
2. Vito Rea – Galaktik Sora

Class B results:

Under 60kgs:
1. Simone Baldi – RGC Ferrara
2. Filippo Fioretto – IC Team Centurion
3. Andrea Matzuzzi – Le Rughe Grappling Clan

Under 66kgs:
1. Michele Baldassarri – Sakura Judo
2. Omar Sterni – Yoseikan Morini

Under 74kgs:
1. Giacomo Landi – Aranha JJ
2. Johnny Cecchini – Rendoki Dojo
3. Franco Benassi IC JJ center PR

Under 84kgs:
1. Stefano Di Donna – Sakura Judo
2. Marco Longo – RGC Firenze
3. Riccardo Pelosi – Aranha JJ

Under 96kgs:
1. Alberto Prandi – Le Rughe Grappling Clan
2. Michele Bovo – Padovar JJ

Under 120kgs:
1. Luca Renga – Sakura Judo
2. Fabricio Carvalho De Souza – Nova Uniao


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