I World Pro BJJ Cup

The biggest event so far organised by Carlos Santos during the first weekend of May in Abu Dhabi, UAE, did not disappoint the crowd that came from all corners of the World. The organisation and logistics were great, and the matches very dynamic, showcasing the future of BJJ as a professional sport. Props to the whole staff and the great support from the sheiks, helping take our sport to a new level with this event.

The greatest name of the event was Tarsys Humphrey, who won both the Open division and u85kg, cashing the biggest paycheck. The revelation of the competition was the brown belt Rodolfo Vieira, who won the division u95kg, defeating famous names to take the gold. Another surprise was Rafael Mendes, a newcomer in the black belt that has been winning a lot but had lost previously twice to Cobrinha, the biggest name of the division. This time Rafael set the pace and won a difficult match, establishing himself as the best feather weight, at least until they face each other again.

The total cash prize of the event was Us$ 111,000.00 (one hundred and eleven thousand american dollars), only second to the tournament held in Jordan last December. The Capital Challenge gave Us$ 141,000.00 in money to the athletes.

Watch the videos from the finals:





Open Division


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