KL World Cup in Rimini

The Kombat League is one of the leading organisations of Kickboxing, Low Kick and Thai Boxing in Italy, with amateur, semi-pro and professional competitions.

A few years ago I was in a meeting in Modena where they decided to start doing BJJ and Grappling tournaments. They so far realised the International Montana BJJ Cup in Modena two years in a row, with good money prizes for black belts, as well as other smaller comps.

As part of a major martial arts event realised last weekend in the famous Rimini, they held also a BJJ tournament on Sunday, 3rd of May. The BJJ comp was small compared to the other martial arts traditionally promoted by the KL, but our team was represented there by 3 fighters from Bologna.

CIMG1252 Gianluca, Ion and Pier after the comp.

Gianluca Boni and Pierandrea Petazzi both made to the finals, losing their last challenge and taking home silver. Ion Condei, on his first year in the blue belt, is doing so well that I think it is just a matter of time to see our Romenian grappler as European BJJ Champion. He once again dominated his division and took gold, submitting his German opponent in the last seconds of the final match, escaping from an omoplata to execute a triangle choke in the same movement.

Our results:

Gianluca Boni – second place u82kg purple belt
Ion Condei – first place u88kg blue belt
Pierandrea Petazzi – second place u82kg blue belt

Watch Ion final match on the video below!


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