Rio Grappling Cup & seminars in Poland, Italy and Spain

Spring is the most beautiful season in Poland, the weather has been nice for the last 3 weeks, the sun is shining everyday and the classes are full, with returning students and new ones. Here the busiest days are the ones we train without Gi, showing the growth of Grappling in Eastern Europe. Next week I travel to Bydgoszcz for two days seminar in our affiliate club, then I go to Warsaw where I will be visiting the team MMA Warsaw.

In two weeks I will travel to Italy where Bernardo Serrini and Alessio de Liberti are organising the first Rio Grappling Cup in Livorno, on the 17th of May (for more info, go to On the day before the comp, I will be conducting a No Gi seminar in Livorno, fine tuning our students for the tournament. There will be no sparring to allow the fighters to rest well before their matches. One week later I will visit our clubs in Firenze and Sestri Levante, and coach our team in a BJJ comp in Rome.

In June I travel to Barcelona and Sevilla, visiting my friends Yan Cabral and Andre Nunes, and teaching seminars in both places. For more info please drop an email to me.

Scheduled seminars:
7th and 8th of May – RGC Bydgoszcz
9th of May – Warsaw
16th of May – RGC Livorno
21st of May – RGC Firenze
24th of May – RGC Sestri Levante
4th of June – Barcelona
5th and 6th of June – Sevilla


2 responses to “Rio Grappling Cup & seminars in Poland, Italy and Spain

  1. hello from south africa !currently training under nathan but going to rome in june who can I train with while there for the month ? ciao bello see you soon.


    • the closest RGC is in Livorno, Tuscany. Check their blog in our list.

      In Rome there is Tribe Rome, and two brazilians also teach there separately, check for info on bjj from Italy and list of gyms in Rome.


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