Grappling Tournaments in Poland

Last weekend we had in Poland three different Grappling tournaments with athletes from our team fighting.

Saturday, the Polish ADCC Championship, where Patryk Horbatiuk took first place in the Open Division under 77kg. Sunday at the same place was the Polish Grappling Cup under FILA rules, and Michał Bańka took second place under 62kg. While a small group took part in both events without Gi, another group fought in the south of Poland a Gi Tournament called Katowice Ne-Waza Cup, with Krys Flak taking first place after submitting his four opponents under 73kg. Maciek Czernik finished third in the Juniors division under 73 kg.

Congratulations to all the athletes. In two weeks we will have the Polish BJJ Cup in Konin, and in the last day of May we will hold a small BJJ tournament in our own gym in Wroclaw. The I RGC meeting will be a great chance to our beginners to show how much they improved since they started training, and the ones showing good technique will move up to the blue belt after the comp.


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