I Rio Grappling Cup Livorno and more news from Italy

In 17th of May we will have in Livorno, Italy, the first official Rio Grappling Cup ever. This grappling comp will be organised by our association in Italy, using rules similar to BJJ, with adaptations to make them simpler and more suitable to No Gi conditions. They were previously used in the Londinum Grappling Cup, and with time we will fine tune them to apply in all No Gi comps promoted by us. Soon a blog with all info on this comp will be published, and we will post more about it here.

And we have even more exciting news coming from Italy. First it was Alessio de Liberti that competed and won the first leg of the Kombat League Submission in Vigevano, on the 22nd of February. Alessio got gold in the A division under 68 kg. One weekend later, and our team came to Rome where another tournament was held. The Rome BJJ Open Cup happened last sunday, 1st of March.
We had 3 competitors: Alessio de Liberti, Ion Condei e Mattia Machelli, coached by Bernardo Serrini. Ion Condei has won among the blue belts under 88kg, Alessio also took gold under 70kgs, blue belt, and Mattia, white belt, won his first fight but lost in his second match under 70kgs.

Congratulations to our italian students that are doing so well defending our colours, and good luck to them in their next challenge, the Torino BJJ Cup, to happen on the 21st of March.


One response to “I Rio Grappling Cup Livorno and more news from Italy

  1. coe dasari,
    viu os resultados do campeonato do clebinho?
    entao divulga ae! sabadao o RGC vai estar no ringue com o leo lutando e eu no corner!
    entra em contato!


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