2009 has barely started but our team is keeping busy training and competing. In Poland we sent 5 students to a small tournament on the 10th of January, and came back with one gold and one bronze. Bernardo Serrini and Matteo Calamandrei are leading our italian squad in the Europeans this weekend. Our group will have between 10 and 15 athletes, and by next week we will report on their results.

We added two new links to our blogroll. RGC Bologna has been part of our network since Gianluca visited us in Brasil a few years ago, and RGC Sestri Levante joined us last year and is taking part in the monthly meetings conducted in Firenze (Florence). This training meetings were held once a week in January in order to raise up the level of our competitors in Lisbon, and we are planning to organise them in Poland as well.

Unfortunately we lost the precious contribution to the group of our student Steve Haydock in Surrey, England. Feeling isolated as the only club in England to be part of our network, he decided to join the Carlson Gracie Revolution team which is growing steadily in England and Ireland. Since Rodrigo Medeiros is a great friend of ours and his students in London are committed to the roots of BJJ and to the Carlson Gracie philosophy, we are confident that this will be a good union for them all. We wish the best luck to their plans and we are looking forward to joint-ventures and increased collaborations between our clubs. Steve did a great job while part of our association, and surely he will not be missed as we will keep collaborating with each other whenever it is practical.

And last but not least, lets not forget that in March 7th and 8th in Spain the European trials of the I BJJ World Professional Cup will be held, with the winners getting all expenses paid to fight in Abu Dhabi for the biggest cash prize in BJJ History.


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