Rio BJJ Camp by Rodrigo Medeiros

Leader of the Carlson Gracie Revolution Team, Rodrigo Medeiros has decided to promote a camp in his home town, Rio de Janeiro. He invites BJJ students worldwide to join him in a weeklong intensive training along with tourism to the landmarks (Sugar Loaf, Christ the Redeemer, Maracanã and the famous beaches),  dinner in traditional Brazilian steakhouse and a few extras.

Rodrigo has been very successful teaching in California for over a decade, and is one of the best instructors I have watched, he has attention to details intrinsic to the positions, and transmits well his knowledge in a simple and effective way.

The first camp will happen from 8th to 15th of March, 2009.

For complete info on prices and what is included in the package, visit his page:




One response to “Rio BJJ Camp by Rodrigo Medeiros

  1. I have attended Rodrigo’s seminar twice. He’s a great teacher, and shows effective and usable techniques. His team won team title in PanAms last year.
    Very advised 🙂


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