Marcos Flexa in Wroclaw

Our club will not close during the holidays, with trainings twice a week until New Year’s eve, but we had the festivities to end 2008 last weekend.

Belts were awarded to 9 of our students and we received Marcos Neves Flexa for a two days seminar. Flexa is a 4th degree black belt from Carlson Gracie and teaches in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


The seminar was highly praised by our students and visitors, with basic techniques filled with important details, with focus on guard passing Saturday and sweeps and attacks from the guard Sunday.

BJJ practitioners that came from Zielona Gora, Tarnow, Kielce, Gliwice, Dabrowa and Olawa as well as from Wroclaw had the chance to learn great techniques that Marcos learned directly from Carlson Gracie and Marcelo Alonso, among them many attacks and sweeps using De la Riva guard and the modified spider guard used by my master Sergio Souza “Bolao” during the 80’s, when he was considered the best guard in BJJ. Myself learned a modified armbar that will be added to my game soon!

After drilling techniques Sunday, we had our belt ceremony, and moved on to a local pub to celebrate together.

Flexa left Poland happy with the dedication, effort and friendship sown by our polish students. In the plans is to bring together our schools, with Carlson Gracie Amsterdam soon joining the Rio Grappling Club network as an associated club. This will be made official next year, as we plan to invade the Netherlands to compete BJJ and Grappling comps and organise training sessions.


Lukasz, junior polish champion last month, training with Wojtek Klitko 

P1090032 P1090044

 Marcos showing techniques in Mariusz and Kuba


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