II Catalunya Cup BJJ

The II Catalunya BJJ Cup was a great success to the ACBJJ (Catalan Association of BJJ, captained by Rafael Haubert and Jordi Fite). 270 competitors, mainly from Spain, Italy, France, Brasil and England fought for money prizes, gis and nice medals. The comp run smooth and finished on schedule. LCD Monitors showing points, advantages and time helped competitors and spectators to follow the high paced action.

I worked as referee and 7 students from RGC Italy came to fight for our team. The overall level was great, with amazing fights in the black belt, specially in the heavy weight division. The lightweight division had a polemic concerning the weight. Yan Cabral was 700 grams over the limit, and asked all the competitors if they would let him fight like that, or if he should have to lose them. They all said yes, then he went on to eat something, while Reinaldo Ribeiro came to the organization and asked them not to let him. Rules are rules, but under my eyes he did not have an honest behavior, and as a matter of fact he was afraid of losing to Yan in front of his students.

Reinaldo ended up winning the final against Pedro Bessa in a fight equal in points and advantages, and also declined to fight the overtime, which was not yet included in the rules so we had to make a decision and give him the fight because his advantages were submission attacks.

Our italian team did well, with great performance from Mattia and Valerio. They took second and third place in the white belt under 70kg. Bernardo Serrini brought two bronzes in the brown belt middle and open division. All the others won at least one match, and will for sure train even harder to fight the Europeans in Portugal at the end of next month. Next Saturday they will receive Yan Cabral in Florence for a seminar, while we have Marcos Flexa here in Poland.

Our results:
Mattia Machelli – 2nd place white belt -70kg
Valerio Mori Ubaldini – 3rd place white belt -70kg
Bernardo Serrini – 3rd place brown belt -84kg and Open Division


One response to “II Catalunya Cup BJJ

  1. You’re perfectly right about the Reinaldo’s behaviour. It was a shame not seing Yan fighting that day. And I can say something more, once he stored, Rafael proposed to yan to fight in the heavy weight, Yan sayed “of course i’ll will”. Rafael go to see who will accept to fight against him (the category have had already started), and no body wanted.
    Sometimes even fighting is hard…


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