Polish BJJ Championships

Saturday 22nd of November, we travelled to Lodz for the IV Polish Nationals. The tournament had about 670 participants, I believe that it is now the biggest national BJJ competition in Europe. Bigger comps are the European Championships in Portugal, Seni in England and the Scandinavian Open, but those have people from many countries, most national comps have less than 200 participants.

The level of the participants was very high, but the organizational level was amateur to say the least. Many fighters arrived in the morning and waited until the evening to fight, there were mats without fights all the time, many mistakes made by the referees, some of them were blue belts, and one of my students, caught in a triangle, stood up to escape and the ref stopped the fight. He later explained that it was perfectly executed technique so he decided to end the fight (the inexperience of some of the refs annoyed me, but this was adding insult to injury).

The most incredible thing was to see that the organisers printed in all the shirts of the refs the logo of their club, but of course the thing that affects mostly the fighters are the mistakes done in their fights and the time they have to wait without knowing when to fight, it was evident that they should have hired someone experienced to help them to cope with the task, but seems that some people just do not care.

One of the requirements to fight was to have some sort of health insurance, but if you did not have it, just pay for one made on the spot, valid for six months. The doctor check your Id, sign it but he does not even check your health. Some people in Poland are copying the bad habits of their masters from Brasil, unfortunately.

Anyways, this affected not only our guys but everyone competing, and we had some good results, with some of our fighters doing better than expected while others felt more the pressure and the problems. We participated with 35 people and had 3 golds, 2 silvers and 4 or 5 bronzes.

I have results of our athletes but perhaps one or two bronze medals are missing, if that is true, I will later fix that here.

Juniors (white and blue together)

3rd place – Lukasz Swatowski

+ 84,3kg
1st place – Lukasz Dzibk
3rd place – Adrian Kremski

White Belts

1st place – Mateusz Szynek
2nd place – Kamil Ciepulis

-76 kg
1st place – Patrik Horbatiuk

Blue Belts

3rd place – Slawomir Swiatala

Elite (purple, brown and black together)

3rd place – Krystian Kwiecien

2nd place – Tomasz Drozdzik

Congratulations to all the guys that came from Wroclaw, Dabrowa Gornicza, Kielce, Lubliniec and Zawiercie, winning or losing, they showed skills and represented well our club.


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