Ramadan No Gi Cup


The First Ramadan No Gi cup finished yesterday and we have the full results here:

-65 KG
1- Seena Monfaradi (Bahrain)
2- Jaouad Hilal (Maroco)
3- Saddam Abdullah (Jordan)
3- Bashar Bassam (Jordan)

-74 KG
1- Abdullah Alshaiksh (Bahrain)
2- Zaid Adel (Jordan)
3- Saad Qweder (Jordan)
3- Saif Alnuaimi (UAE)

-83 KG
1- Mohammad Bilbesi (Jordan)
2- Yazan Salhab (Jordan)
3- Abdullah Alkutbi (UAE)
3- Tamer Sameer (Jordan)

-92 KG
1- Dimitrios Tsitos (Greece)
2- Taimur Aslam (England)
3- Ait Karim (France)
3- Rui Aquino (Brasil)

+92 KG
1- Eid Rihan (UAE)
2- Tarik Matar (Egypt)
3- Ayman Samih (Jordan)
3- Abdullsalam Arwos (Tunisia)

Open Weight
1- Dimitrios Tsitos (Greece)
2- Hakem Roimovich (Russia)
3- Ayves Noel (USA)
3- Amin TOuati (Sweden)

Our friend Dimitrios Tsitos, from Athens, Greece, won the open division and his weight class (-92kg).

Tsitos was in Brasil about two and a half years ago training with me, Mariusz Koziej, Bernardo Serrini and Gianluca Boni. We travelled and competed in Florianopolis, Brasil.

We met again in Greece a year ago and later he moved east, in a trip that took him to China, Korea, Australia and Thailand. He arrived in Dubai and took part of the Ramadan Cup, taking two golds and a cash prize of 3 Thousand Euro. Watch 2 of his matches here:


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