South Africa – Cape of Storm Nationals results

This tournament happened on 2nd and 3rd of August in Cape Town, but only now we have full results from our team.

Marina Veronese – 2 golds (both the women’s Gi division -72kg and open weight);
Louise Leech – gold in the No Gi women’s division -72kg, silver in the No Gi open weight and bronze in the Gi -72kg;
Dennis Ovcina – 2 Golds (Gi and No Gi -75kg advanced), and 2 Bronzes (Gi and No Gi open weight);
Brandon Leech – 2 silvers (Gi and No Gi -68kg advanced);
Liam Cleland – gold (No Gi -100kg advanced);
Bradley Cossey – silver medalist (No Gi -75kg advanced).

Fantastic performance from our athletes, that more and more prove to be among the best grapplers in South Africa, where the sport is developing at a huge pace.

MarinaandLouise Marina and Louise receiving gold and silver


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