Seminars in Italy and new belts

Its summer in Europe, and while most people are just enjoying vacations, we are training and preparing for the next season. I left our club in Wroclaw for 2 weeks in good hands and came to Italy to teach seminars in Ferrara and Firenze, promoting Gianluca Boni and Matteo Calamandrei to the purple belt, and four of our students to the blue belt.

Matteo Calamandrei, Riccardo and Ion are travelling to Rio de Janeiro next month to train BJJ and will come back with their ground games sharpened to the next competitions.

We also celebrated the inclusion of a new affiliate to our network. Rio Grappling Club Firenze is now officially an affiliated school. Located half way between Ferrara and Livorno, it will be the perfect place for all our italian students to train together. The gym has also Boxing, Judo and Freestyle Wrestling, and is been around for more than 100 years.

Firenze (Florence) is the capital of Tuscany and is famous world wide for its history and art, receiving tourists all year round. All are welcome to train with us!

RGC Firenze, Bologna, Ferrara and LivornoIon, me and Gianluca


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