New promotions at RGC Polska

Our students Krystian Kwiecień (Silesia) and Jakub Kubiszewski (Wroclaw) were promoted this month. Krys became a brown belt in Raciborz two weeks ago, and since last Wednesday Kuba is the newest purple belt in Wroclaw.

With a higher belt comes always a bigger responsability, as more will expected and demanded from you. The brown belt is the last step before the black, so the expectations are even bigger.
Krystian is more than ready for it. He started BJJ in Raciborz in 2002, later moved to London and trained extensively at our club since early 2004. Back to his home country, he has graded on Sports Science, competed and won BJJ, Submission and Amateur Shooto matches, started clubs in Zawiercie, Lubliniec and Czestochowa, besides teaching sports to kids at his home town’s school and becoming a father of young Kasjan. His help was fundamental to establish our base in Silesia, not to mention that was him that first brought me to Poland to teach BJJ.

Bardzo pracowity as we say in polish language 😀

Kuba finds time to train even though he is graduating in engineering, working as a doormen and going to London every summer to work. His responsability comes also from his surname (Juscelino Kubichek, JK, was one of the best presidents Brasil had, building Brasilia, our capital city, on the late 1950’s). Our own JK will sure help build our club stronger with his good technique and friendly manners.  

Wielkie Gratulacje (Huge Congratulations) to them both!

Soon pictures!


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