Bernardo Serrini and Pasquale Pace won the sixth and last leg of the ADCC Italian Nationals last Sunday (15th of June), reaching the finals of the Advanced div. u88kg. They decided not to fight each other and flipped a coin for the gold medal. Matteo Calamandrei and Fillipo del Bimbo (Pippo) took second place on their classes.

In Brasil, purple belt Flavio Machado won both the middle heavy and open class at the LERJJI (3rd leg of 6 comps). Igor Rodrigues took gold at the black belt rooster division. Both athletes are leading the rankings of the association. The LERJJI tour is traditional in the state of Rio de Janeiro and some of its tournaments are being held for 20 years uninterrupted. Some comps are massive with more than a thousand athletes.

Here in Wroclaw our classes are busy, today we had 25 people sparring at the No GI class. For two weeks we had training with us Sergio Leites, brown belt and coach from Carlson Gracie Stockholm. This week we received the MMA fighter David Butlin from the Quannun Gym (Hudd’s, England), and Mariusz Koziej is back from England for good, adding quality to our sessions.


Matteo Calamandrei, Francesco, Bernardo, Pasquale e Pippo at the ADCC Italy in Livorno


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