Rome BJJ Challenge and more…

I left Italy last month sure that, thanks to the great effort done by Bernardo Serrini and Gianluca Boni to prepare our students, our team was becoming stronger and more united there, and the great results from the competition in Modena would be surely repeated. But even I was surprised with the latest results from our team. I am proud to announce that on this Sunday 25th our legionnaires conquered Rome, taking home as much gold as they could carry!

RGC Italia brought 7 students to the Rome International BJJ Challenge, and we took 7 golds and 1 silver in total, this time winning most of the blue belt divisions! Here our results!

Valerio Mori Ubaldini gold medal -64 white belt (first fight by points, second by armbar)
Ion Condei gold medal -88kg white (all fights won by submission)
Ion Condei gold medal absolute (all fights won by submission)
Romina Costanzo gold medal blue belt female -64 (one fight won by rear naked choke)
Matteo Tugnoli gold medal blue belt -64 (3 fights by points)
Matteo Menna gold medal blu belt -70 (2 fights, both won for armbar)
Gianluca Boni gold medal blu belt -82,3 (3 fights all by points)
Pasquale Pace silver medal absolute purple belt (first fight 8-0)

Pasquale was overcome by a very strong Cypriot athlete in the finals. Pasquale is 42 years old and showed a great performance specially considering his little time to prepare due to his work commitments.

The whole team did so well that the next challenge is to keep it up, and I am sure they will.

Just a week before, Gianluca Boni and Ion Condei went to Velletri (a city close to Rome) and fought the Italian Nationals BJJ (Kombat League) and while Gianluca did well taking silver in the blue belt division under 82 kgs, Ion did not mind fighting the open division and the – 100 kgs besides his own weight (-88kgs), winning 3 gold medals at once. Now I am looking forward to see if he can keep this rampage on the blue belt…

Erik Tornaboni from RGC La Spezia was also competing in a Sambo tournament in Italy this Sunday and took two medals, but we are still waiting to get more details from him. Soon I will post more info on that.

On the same day, I travelled north to the polish city of Konin with 4 athletes from our HQ in Wroclaw to the Polish BJJ Cup. Despite the little time to prepare them properly, all the guys fought well and the purple belt Tomek Droździk took the silver medal in the Elite division over 80 kgs, losing only to a black belt in the finals, in a very hard fight.

And, last but not least, purple belt Dennis Ovcina from our South African team went alone from Jo’burg to Port Elizabeth and won confortably his divisions (-75kgs) with and without GI, as well as taking the bronze in the open weight class.

Congratulations to them and to all their partners and coaches involved. BJJ is an individual sport but without a strong and united team to back one up, it is impossible to go that far. Behind great results there must always be support from coaches and partners, as no one can develop much without help.


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  1. Hey

    I will be in Rome during the month of October later this year and would like to join you for BJJ training. Will this be okay and if so could you please email me your address in Rome.



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