Toshihiko Koga

A New Wind

Some people train martial arts, and many excel at the competition scene, but a very few are so great that they redefine its boundaries and bring it to a new level. Those are the ones that inspire the rest of us to keep training hard in the pursuit of excelence.

Toshihiko Koga brought a new wind to Judo with his innovative take downs and commitment for the ippon.

Check this short video with highlights of his technique and competition skills.


One response to “Toshihiko Koga

  1. Koga, an exceptional player of the highest quailty. I teach throws in 3 stages, entry, execution + finish. Most players are shallow on entry not fully committed on execution, and finish the technique too early ie do not spot the throw + drive through finish. Koga manages to completely satisify all three stages+ always spots the finish so burying his opponent through the mat. A truly classic player of exceptional flair + calabar.


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